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Unofficial Expansion Alpha

by Celestial Path Studios - 673 downloads

Alpha Version of the unofficial expansion.
Age of Mythology: Deities of Creation (DoC) is an expansion that adds a new culture, The South American Natives. The three new major gods:
1. Wiracocha (Inca)
2. Itzamná (Maya)
3. Huitzilopochtli (Aztec)

Patch 1.06
AI works for all cultures except the norse and natives. There shouldn't be an OoS online anymore and some names are fixed. Hopefully the UI is fixed too and the leftover files are removed too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version requires you to run the utility.exe if you want to use the switch button in the options menu. If you're unlucky you might get an error message but its very unlikely that you will get an error. Just press continue if it happens.
A small tutorial about how to use it is located at: Age of Mythology\Voobly Mods\AOMT\Data Mods\Unofficial Expansion Alpha\Utility
Read the README!!! if you don't know how to use it and don't worry if nothing shows up when you double click it. It has to run when AoM is running and runs at the background, so it's almost invisible for you. Eventually it could be automated by voobly but the mod has to be near completion first.

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