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(AKA Tree TD) This mod/map combo is a TD game with various features a standard TD could not have such as enemy speed increases, new techs including more range and attack speed, new towers and more.
Stop the enemy units from reaching the end by killing them before they get there with towers.

Game Play:
Similar to other TD's the game is about balancing economic growth with building and upgrading towers. One major difference with game play is the enemy will increase in speed and armor aswell as HP. Also, there is no store as everything has been merged into the game itself with things like attack boosts for towers becoming technologies you can research by clicking the tower itself, and price changes to make things like creating villagers balanced with the game.

Data Changes:
  • Resource piles (gold mine etc) are unlimited and never run out.
  • Trade Carts and Trade Cogs are incredibly small so they do not collide with each other.
  • Villager speed is significantly increased so they can get around the map quicker.
  • Villagers can no longer walk on ice while the enemy units can only walk on ice.
  • 3 new towers are buildable aswell as the accursed tower being made buildable.
  • New technologies for each tower which improve attack, range and attack speed.
  • Villager technologies such as treadmill crane etc have been moved to the town center, aswell as new ones made for each age.
  • Prices of houses, villagers and ages have been modified to balance the game.

Extra Info:
When playing this make sure you select the difficulty before the game starts, what ever the game settings are set as will affect how hard it is.

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