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AOC Balance Patch

by Carlos Ferdinand and John Mendl - 2077 downloads

Balance patch for AoC UserPatch 1.4 RC


AOC suffers from a few problems that any old game that hasn't been updated for the last 10+ years can easily have. The strategy aspect of the game is basically solved since overpowered strategies and units have been found out through 15 years of competitive play.

As an example, there are few civs and strategies that work in a 1v1 arabia at the expert level. If someone picks Aztecs or Mayans, 90% of the time the other player has to go either Aztecs or Mayans because there is nothing that competes against these two civs with rare cases of exception like Huns in a small number of cases. Despite the fact that there are 16 other civs with their bonuses and units, nothing works well to defeat an aztec or mayan drush followed by palisades, FC and xbows in a majority of situations. Similar or worse cases exist for pretty much any map, like Vikings dominating watermaps, Aztecs dominating Arena etc.

Imagine if every civ in AOC was a decent option to pick, and expert games were not full of aztec, mayan, hun and viking games. The AOC Balance Patch is made just for that!

- Cavalry archers base cost = 40W 60G (instead of 40W 70G).
- Palisade walls cost 3W instead of 2W.
- Stonewalls cost 6S instead of 5S, take +2 seconds to build (8s changes to 10s).
- Crossbow upgrade costs 175F 125G (instead of 125F 75G).
- Cavalier research time -25 sec.
- Camels cost 50F 60G (instead of 55F 60G). Heavy camel research time -35 sec.
- Costs: Squires 100F (instead of 200F), Husbandry 150F (instead of 250F), Tracking 50F (instead of 75F), Hand Cart 250F 150W (instead of 300F 200W).
- Houses cost only 25W, get -150HP.
- Non-elite Eagles attack bonus vs cavalry increased from +2 to +3, creation time changed to 30 sec (instead of 35 sec).
- Sword-line except militia move 5% faster. Militia -1 pierce armor.
- Longswordsmen have 60 HP (instead of 55).
- Fervor now works properly. Monks carrying relics also incur anti-monk damage.
- Fireship-line move 3% faster. Fast fire ship +10 HP.
- Demolition ships +1 armor vs ships.
- Eagle -1 LOS before castle age.
- Petards cost 60F 20G (instead of 80F 20G).
- Trade Cogs carry 30% more.
- Monks (and missionaries) average conversion time increased from 8 to 9 sec, conversion randomness reduced, minimum conversion time increased from 5 to 7 sec.
- Two-Handed Swordsmen have 12 attack (instead of 11).
- Elite Eagle Warriors speed reduced from 1.3 to 1.27 tiles per second.
- Bombard towers cost +25 Gold.
- Guard towers +1 attack, Keeps +2 attack.
- Scorpion attack increased to 14 from 12.
- Outposts stone cost removed, costs 30W.
- Boars +6 attack vs scouts, +7 attack vs eagles.
- Galley-line moves 10% slower.
- Coinage +100F +50G, banking +50F +50G.


- Military creation bonus does not apply to monks.
- Free loom removed, start with +50 gold.
- Jaguar Warrior 55 HP (instead of 50).
- Get Demolition Ship and Heavy Demolition Ship.


- Longbowman trains in 17s (instead of 19s).
- Get Heavy Scorpions, Treadmill Crane, Cannon Galleon and Elite upgrade.


- Elite Cataphract upgrade costs 1400F 800G (instead of 1600F 800G).


- Wood bonus reduced from 15% to 12%.
- Siege weapons attack 15% faster (instead of 25%).
- Furor Celtica gives siege +40% HP instead of +50%.


- TC +5 LOS.
- Starts with 5 villagers instead of 6, -150F -40W instead of -200F -50W.
- Get bombard cannons.


- Fishing ships cost -15%.
- Knights +25 HP, cavaliers +30 HP, paladins +32 HP (instead of knight-line +20% HP).
- Get squires, siege rams.
- Town Center costs -30 stone starting from Castle Age.
- Throwing axemen move 5% faster, non-elite missile delay decreased to that of elite version.


- Fireships cost -20% wood.
- Lose treadmill crane.


- CA cost -10% castle age/-20% imperial age (instead of -25%/-30%).
- Lose treadmill crane.
- Non-elite Tarkans have +10 HP, +1 attack. Elite has +1 attack. Tarkans move at cavalry archer's speed.


- Get treadmill crane, gold-shaft mining and guilds.


- Foragers work 25% faster.
- Villager LOS bonus changed to team bonus, and +1 mangonel range changed to individual bonus.
- War wagons cost 100W 60G (instead of 120W 60G).
- Shinkichon changed to Wagons +2 attack vs siege, costs 400W 400G.
- Turtle ships cost 160W 160G (instead of 200W 200G).


- Archer bonus becomes -10% feud/-15% castle/-20% imp (instead of 10/20/30).
- Start with -20W.
- Resources last 15% longer instead of 20%.
- Team bonus changed to archers +1 LOS.
- Elite plumed archer upgrade costs 700F 1000W (instead of 500F 1000W).


- CA firerate bonus (affects mangudai too) decreased to 15% (from 20%).
- Team bonus gives scouts +1 LOS (instead of +2).
- Mangudai and elite have the same missile delay as that of plumed archer.


- War elephants cost reduced to 150F 75G instead of 200F 75G, move 15% faster, train in 27 sec (instead of 31), have 420/500 HP (instead of 450/600). Mahouts improves speed by only 15% instead of 30%.
- Elite war elephant upgrade costs 1400F 1200G (instead of 1600F 1200G).
- Get fortified walls.


- Markets cost only 75W.
- Archery Ranges cost only 130W.
- Elite mameluke missile delay increased, becomes equal to that of their non-elite versions.
- Non-elite mamelukes have 70HP (instead of 65), 8 attack (instead of 7).
- Zealotry upgrade costs 750F 600G (instead of 750F 800G).


- Walls cost -33%.
- Team (trade) bonus reduced from 33% to 25%.
- Elite conquistadors +1 attack.
- Missionaries +15 HP, heal at same rate as monks.


- Lose TC LOS bonus.
- Fish traps also cost -33%.
- Teutonic knights speed increased to 0.75 tiles/sec (instead of 0.65 tiles/sec).
- Non-elite TKs have 80 HP (instead of 70), 6 armor (instead of 5).
- Get siege rams, shipwright.


- Gold miners work 20% faster (instead of 15%).
- Stables cost only 100 wood.
- Team bonus reduced to 15% (from 20%).
- Elite janissary trains as fast as janissary. Both have the same initial missile delay.


- Warships cost -10%/-15%/-20% in feudal/castle/imperial (instead of 20% in all ages).
- Team bonus changes to docks cost -15% (instead of -25%).
- Berserks/Elite base HP becomes 55/65 (instead of 48/60).
- Berserkergang cost reduced to 500F 500G.
- Longboats base cost 90W 40G (instead of 100W 50G).
- Get treadmill crane.
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