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Fan Patch 2.1

by _Nakamura - 271 downloads

Fan Patch 2.1 features a great array of bug fixes, map and civilization and game type based balance changes, as well as new maps and countermeasures against cheating. Credits go to TheMista for working out the supremacy changes, and to i_really_suk__ ,who has created the map called Molde.

Note that games played on Fan patch create recorded games that can only be viewed with fan patch (through a voobly room). The full change log from the official version to FP 2.1 can be seen on the info page.

Entire change log can be downloaded here:

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In the event that this patch is a success, I will do research into improving the recorded game system - production and effective APM tabs should be a feature that can be added. An incomplete datastream might also give us the option of observing games as they are played with no lag, no player limit WITH communication between the players as well.

Good luck have fun everyone.
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