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Version 1.5
Version 1.5 - include mod.ini to enable userpatch for 500 pop
Version 1.4 - Resources fixed! Max pop increased, create/research rate increased! IT"S WAR!
Version 1.3 - Crash bug fixed! Playable!
Version 1.0-1.2 - Crashes.

Based on the game of the same title. Map based on RotTK XI. Conquer cities (bases), build troops, and conquer more cities! A bit like RISK, but you have to create the units yourself. Units also modded.

You start with 1 unit randomly on map. Go capture bases. 173 buildings total in game.
8 Buildings = Feudal Age
20 Buildings = Castle Age
40 Buildings = Imperial Age
100 Buildings = Spies

You get resources each time you capture a base.
Barrack = 500 each resource
Archery Range = 1000 wood and 500 gold
Stable = 1000 food and 500 gold
Tribe = 1000 each resource

Special Unit: Sorcerer, right click an enemy to make it disappear. Delete the sorcerer after capturing the enemy to kill the captured unit. ANY unit can be captured.
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