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Portuguese Civ Mod

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This mod has not yet been approved by Voobly staff. Use at your own risk.
The Portuguese Civ Mod


Firstly, thanks for downloading this beta and helping us to improve the Portuguese Civ

The Portuguese Civ Mod is a little add-on mod, which adds one Portuguese Civ and
does changes in the gameplay.

The Portuguese Civ Mod is brought to you by GreatWarriorz Clan, and was only possible thanks
to the help of many contributors!

What’s new?

. A new Portuguese civ is added with unique bonuses and features
. Scout unit redesigned! Scouts cannot attack anymore, but they gain special
abilities after researching a tech at the Castle!
. Wonder powers were added! Now, when a wonder is built, something in the civ
will be greatly improved, but this power is lost after the wonder is destroyed!
. Support units added: Teaming with any civ will allow you to train the support
unit of that civ!
. A new building: The Tavern, which can train mercenaries! Of course its
usefulness will be extended later, but not for now…
. Cartography is now totally free and automatic!
. An Arquebusier upgrade added to the Hand Cannoneer. Only available to
Koreans, Portuguese, Spanish and Turks.
. A new builder ship unit added that can build sea towers, walls and gates, thus,
taking sea warfare to a new level!
. At Imperial Age, each civ can now train a Hero in the Castle. This hero, that
represents an important or a legendary person of the civilization, is very strong
and can only be trained once!
. A new architectural set is added to the Spanish and to the Portuguese!
. Some campaigns have been patched a bit, either to fix bugs and nonsense, to
make them compatible with PCM or to make them a little bit more historically
accurate (like the El Cid Campaign)

The Portuguese Civ


. Starts with two scouts
. Archers fire 20% faster
. Arquebusier upgrade free
. Starting by Castle Age, Town Center costs -50% stone
. Wonder: Belém Tower

. Team Bonus: Docks work 20% faster

Tech tree (disabled technologies/units)

. Barracks: Eagle Warrior
. Archery Range: Parthian Tactics
. Stable: Bloodlines, Camel, Hussar
. Monastery: Sanctity, Atonement, Block Printing
. Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager
. Blacksmith: Plate Mail Armor, Plate Barding Armor, Bracer
. University: Treadmill Crane, Keep, Siege Engineers
. Mining Camp: Stone Shaft Mining
. Mill: Crop Rotation
. Dock: Shipwright

Unique Units

. Jinete: A javelin-throwing cavalry, good against other cavalry and very effective
against camels.
. Caravel: All-around ship armed with light cannons.

New Gameplay features

Redesigned Scout

As you might already know, scouts in the Portuguese Civ Mod have a reduced
function. Now they really act as they should act: as scouts, only for scouting and
exploring. Boring, don.t you think? But, it.s not only that: after researching the “Tatics”
technology at the Castle, they become invisible in the minimap, and gain a special
ability that varies according to the type of scout.

There are three scout types:

. Military: After researching the “Tactics” technology, it gains the ability of
Sabotage: it can kill a siege weapon or do a great damage in a building. This
ability has a reload time of two minutes. Used in: Britons, Byzantines, Chinese,
Franks, Japanese, Koreans, Persians, Portuguese, Saracens, Spanish,
Teutons, Turks.
. Raider: It gains the ability of Plundering after researching the “Tactics”
technology: the scout becomes able to enslave enemy villagers and plunder
enemy Town Centers, stealing the resources of a certain player. Used in: Celts,
Goths, Huns, Mongols, Vikings.
. Mesoamerican: It gains the ability of Sacrifice: eagle scouts become able to kill
all units in a certain area. This ability has a reload time of three minutes. Used
in: Aztecs, Maya.

WARNING: Thanks to AoK limitations, in order to use the abilities properly, the scout
must be in no-attack stance.

Wonder Powers

Have you ever noticed how Wonders are useless, even at games with standard
victory? Now they aren.t useless anymore! After building a Wonder, it enables a
Wonder Power, which greatly improves your civilization! You can find the list of wonder
powers at the end of this file.

Installation instructions

Just run the installer and follow the instructions. After that, just double-click in the
“Portuguese Civ Mod” icon created at your desktop and enjoy!

WARNING: You need of the 1.0c patch in order to play the Portuguese Civ Mod.


. Usic, from AoCZone: Inspiration, and some ideas
. GSC Game World: Since main menu tracks come from American Conquest:
Fight Back
. ryshep, from AoCZone: Feedback and for suggesting unique heroes per civ
. Furik, from AoKH: For the Jinete and the Tavern graphics
. AFFA the cleric, from AoKH: For the new knight and arquebuisier graphics
. Kor, from AoKH: For his unit pack, where I took some units, and also, for
allowing me to use his wooden bridges, his War Cog and his Genoese Church
. Jan, from AoKH: For allowing me to complete his Iberian architectural set and
for allowing me to use it in this Mod. And also some feedback, Iberian fortified
wall graphics, and for helping me in the Feudal Iberian houses
. Dave3777, from AoKH: For the editor Spanish Swordsman, Gatekeeper and
Raider graphics
. Courtjester, from AoKH: For the Herreman, Ritterbruder, Lombard Infantry
and Swiss Pikeman graphics
. Agammemnon, from AoKH: For some AoK alpha graphics
. Taichi San, from AoKH: For some AoK alpha graphics, especially the ones
which were used for the Feudal Iberian building set
. Panel, from AoKH: For the editor Moorish knight graphics
. Monsterslayer, from AoKH: For making the Portuguese Wonder, Stradiot,
Ninja and Imperial Iberian market graphics.
. Xhip_, from the AI scripting community: For providing me Portuguese
starting music and also some hero ideas
. II2N, from the AI scripting community: For allowing us to patch and include
his Barbarian AI
. The_Offwo, from the AI scripting community: For allowing us to patch and
include his Principality AI

. A loyal and discreet helper: For helping me getting a custom .exe working for
PCM, getting second page working for more buildings and increasing cheat
amount of resources.
. BoME Team: Since my Elephant Cannon was based on their Elephant Archer
. Khan Ivayl, from AoKH: For the raider scout graphics, and Steppe Raider
. AnimalMan, from AoKH: Feedback, for helping me with many ideas and
suggestions, for the tavern icon, and for the Flamethrower graphics
. QtyaFiya, from ******: Feedback, and for reporting some bugs, giving
some suggestions, making Capture Point graphics and fixing Mortar graphics
. Jorgito_aqua27, from AoKH: For providing me many graphics!
. fr steve, from AoKH: For providing me with Boyar, Fortified Sea Wall and
Timariot graphics
. korbalb, from AoKH: For the transparent fire
. AoFE team: For the trade workshop graphics for the Eastern European, Middle
Eastern and Mesoamerican building sets, slinger graphics and Magyar Huszár
. mehdan, from AoKH: For the Teppo graphics
. Wergorne, from AoKH: Feedback, reporting bugs, making suggestions, and
patching Barbarian and Pricipality AIs.
. MTL_Flavius, from AoKH: Feedback, reporting bugs and making suggestions.
. Mahazona, from AoKH: For providing me Mesoamerican scout, Atl-Atl, and
0.4+ Camel Archer graphics
. Erechel, from AoKH: For 0.2c+ Jinete graphics
. Churchil, from AoKH: For “original” Mortar graphics
. BigD25, from AoKH: For the Highlander graphics
. sanghwi, from AoKH: For the Hwacha graphics, that were taken from his
Korean MOD pack
. DonPisky, from AoKH: For providing Futcannon graphics
. WAIFor, from AoKH: For his soccer ball slp
. Age of Empires II Total War team: For the Iberian Castle graphics
. John the Late, from AoKH: For fixing techtree and giving me instructions in
how to add AI names for new civilizations
. Bothorth, from AoKH: For making his „GoodKings. fix, which fixes some of the
glitched unit graphics from AoKTC, and which has been implemented in PCM.
. TheReporter: For fixing the Mameluke graphics. His fix has been implemented
in PCM.
. Filipe Carapeto, a player which contacted us: For feedback, and reporting
bugs, and for his suggestions.
. JuanPaWw, from AoKH: For feedback, and reporting bugs.


1.0 final

. To celebrate Christmas, we have made a Christmas themed map, with presents
and even Christmas trees!
. PCM updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newer)
. Some balance fixes were done in Support units. Thanks to Wergorne and John
the Late, from AoKH, for helping!
. A sheet with the stats of all units was added. Thanks to ryshep for suggesting
. History text added, taken from Civilization Wiki ([You must login to view link])
. Some Portuguese heroes (Afonso de Albuquerque, Afonso I e Pedro Álvares
Cabral) were added to editor

0.5 beta

. Some crashing issues were fixed. Thanks to JuanPaWw, from AoKH, to
reporting it, and to my loyal and discreet helper, to Wergorne, and to QtyaFiya
for testing and giving feedback about that!
. Fixed some little problems with strings. Thanks to John the Late, from AoKH, for
reporting them!
. Fixed problem with invisible scouts
. Elite Berserks now die like they must die, and do not come back as Frankish
Paladins (lol). Thanks to Vorx, from AoKH, for reporting it!
. Pertesen AI (aka AoKTC default AI) was patched to play with the Portuguese
Civ. This means that now Computer players can play the Portuguese Civ
without the need of selecting a special AI. Thanks to 1415 for doing that!

0.4 beta

. PCM updated to UserPatch 1.4 (newer)
. Night Arabia RM fixed
. Some AI related fixes
. Feudal Age graphics added for Iberian building set
. Problems with Elephant Archer graphic were fixed. Thanks to Filipe Carapeto
for reporting them!
. Caravels can now transport units. Thanks to Filipe Carapeto for suggesting it!
. History Section added for the Portuguese Civilization, although, there isn.t any
text for now. But, I ensure that [You must login to view link] be text in the next version. Thanks to
Filipe Carapeto for suggesting it!!
. Arquebusiers moved from the Koreans to the Japanese. Thanks to Usac, from
AoKH, for suggesting it!

0.3 beta

. First Public Release

List of heroes per civ

. Britons: Richard the Lionheart
. Franks: Charlemagne
. Goths: Theodoric the Goth
. Teutons: Frederick Barbarossa
. Japanese: Hideyoshi
. Chinese: Yue Fei
. Byzantines: Belisarius
. Persians: Yazgrid III
. Saracens: Saladin
. Turks: Mehmed II
. Vikings: Erik the Red
. Mongols: Genghis Khan
. Celts: William Wallace
. Spanish: El Cid
. Aztecs: Cuatemoc
. Maya: Pacal I
. Huns: Attila the Hun
. Koreans: Admiral Yi-sun-shin (buildable at dock)
. Portuguese: Afonso I

List of Wonder Powers

. Britons: Archers do area damage and are created 25% faster
. Franks: Knights cost -50% gold
. Goths: Huskarls are created instantly
. Teutons: Military units(except siege) have +5 melee armor
. Japanese: Samurai attack 2X faster
. Chinese: Scorpions fire +4 arrows
. Byzantines: All fortifications have +50% HP
. Pesians: Scouts have +8 buildlimit and are created 4X faster
. Saracens: Monks have +4 conversion range and can convert buildings from
. Turks: All hand canonneers become 100% accurate, attack faster and costs 4x
less gold
. Vikings: All infantry do area damage, Berserks regenerate 50% faster
. Mongols: Siege weapons have 2X more attack against buildings
. Celts: Castles have +4 range, and +6 attack
. Spanish: Gunpowder units cost no gold
. Aztecs: Monks have +3/3 armor and walk 2X faster
. Maya: Gold lasts 4x more
. Huns: All military units(except siege) have +8 attack vs. Buildings
. Koreans: Towers cost 50% less stone, Bombard towers cost 50% less gold. All
towers built 25% faster

. Portuguese: Bombard Cannons have no minimum range and cost half

List of support units per civ

. Britons: Billman (infantry)
. Franks: Frankish Paladin (Cavalry)
. Goths: Boyar (Cavalry)
. Teutons: Ritterbruder (Cavalry)
. Japanese: Hatamoto Samurai (Infantry)
. Chinese: Flametrower (Siege Weapon)
. Byzantines: Fire Tower (Building)
. Persians: Elephant Archer (Cavalry Archer)
. Saracens: Camel Archer (Cavalry Archer)
. Turks: Timariot (Cavalry)
. Vikings: Herreman (Infantry)
. Mongols: Steppe Raider (Cavalry Archer)
. Celts: Highlander (Infantry)
. Spanish: Almogaver (Skirmisher)
. Aztecs: Slinger (Ranged Infantry)
. Maya: Atl-atl (Skirmisher)
. Huns: Steppe Lancer (Cavalry)
. Koreans: Hwacha (Siege Weapon)
. Portuguese: Mortar (Siege Weapon)
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