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DM Patch 2015

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A balance patch for the Deathmatch community. The use of this patch is ONLY intended for use with Deathmatch games. The balance changes were not made in consideration for their effect on supremacy. These are improvements based on previous attempts of balancing DM, which will hopefully give us a very fair ladder and tournament environment.

Changes from 1.03 below.

Bug fixes:

•Disabled the usage of the console for multiple instances.
•Removed in-game cheats from LAN.
•The Tornado god power is no longer controllable via scripted hotkeys.
•Fixed an exploit involving the spawning of Ajax SPC units.
•Trees and mines no longer provide one less unit than they're supposed to.
•Hippolyta minion conversion bug fixed.
•Healing spring decontruction bug fixed.
•Undermine now works on mirror towers.
•Fixed a bug regarding docks being unable to shoot at certain water myth units.
•Changed the basic unit stance of Leviathans from defensive to aggressive.
•The Satyr`s accurate attack no longer misses targets due to spread javelins.
•Atlanteans can research draft horses now .
•Changed the caravan unit stance to aggressive to fix the caravan drop-off bug.
•Oracle scouts can now garrison, and all myth unit special attacks affect them.
•Titan gates are now deletable.
•Changed the basic unit stance of oracle heroes from passive to aggressive.
•All huntable animals (therefore set`s animals) are now affected by frost.
•Caribous of Set now convert nearby herdables .
•Traitor now affects Caribous of Set.
•The kraken special attack now works on fireships.
•Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive to fix the drop-off bug.
•Atlantean citadel centers now provide favor.
•Fixed a bug regarding fire siphons being unable to hit gates on higher/lower ground from their maximal range.
•Destroyers` and hero destroyers` bonus damage now affects underworld passages, titan gates and tartarian gates.
•Sun Ray now affects Medusas.
•The Argo now receives the hero tag and is no longer affected by traitor, chaos, shockwave and the frost giant special attack.
•Meteor, Pestilence, Restoration and Lightning Storm now display their real range.
•Rain no longer creates an effect above docks, seeing as fishing rates aren`t affected.
•Chimeras can no longer cast their special attack on hero citizens.
•Greek unique units can now be trained with hotkeys in Arhcery ranges, stables, military academies. You can change your hotkeys in options. Default is "u" and "shift-u".
•Son of Osiris and New Kingdom Pharaoh is now affected by Funeral Rites.
•Greek siege and ballistas receive a bonus damage vs gates in order to counteract the accuracy bug against gates.

Map changes:

•Settlements and resources are move evenly divided.
•Removed Highland, Mediterranean, Anatolia and Midgard from the random map set.
•Ghost lake’s middle is now a snowy terrain (you can build on it).
•Maps no longer spawn aggressive animals.
•Oasis no longer spawns with a single central forest.
•Savannah and Tundra no longer spawn ponds and rock piles.
•Alfheim cliffs can no longer be landed on.
•Starting resources avoid the starting gold.

Balance changes:


•Wall hack armor reduced from 64 to 50% and Stone wall no longer increases this.
•Wall build speed reduced by 33%.
•Wall and Underworld passage repair speeds have been normalized (similar to other buildings’).
•Tower limit reduced from 20 to 12.
•The „Hold all Town Centers” win condition now affects Deathmatch games.
•Disabled titans and wonders in deathmatch.
•All favor trickle rates removed in deathmatch.
•Naval Oxybeles’ range bonus reduced from 12 to 2.
•Anti-archer(turma(hero), slinger, peltast) max ranges increased by 4 each.
•Scarab Pendant relic bonus reduced from +100% damage vs buildings to +50%.
•Removed the following relics: Wand of Gambatein, Golden Bridle of Pegasus, Golden Lions, Monkey Head, Harter’s Folly, Anvil of Heaphaestus, Titan’s treasure, Gaia’s book of knowledge.


•Bolt no longer works on Nidhogg. Nidhogg hitpoints increased from 2000 to 3000.
•Fenris wolf boost effect increased from 15% per wolf to 20%.
•Hersir/Ragnarok Hero Town center build rate increased from 50% to 80% in DM.
•Removed the 50% increase to Hersirs` automatic favor gathering in DM.
•Increased starting ulfsark count from 5 to 6 in DM.
•Ballista crush damage increased from 4 to 6 per bolt.
•Portable ram speed increased from 3.25 to 3.6, training time reduced from 20s to 15s.
•Dwarven Auger's speed boost on rams reduced from +20% to +10%, training time reduction changed from -50% to -25%.
•2 hp/s constant regeneration added to all non-myth military units of Odin. (This replaces the old regeneration.)
•Odin’s Ulfsarks now have 10% more hitpoints.
•Odin’s Jarls receive a +20% hitpoint bonus instead of +10%.
•Throwing axemen maximum range increased from 9 to 12.
•Fire giant pierce armor reduced from 80% to 70%.
•Walking woods trees are now controllable.
•Norse no longer have the weaker/cheaper shared building „bonus”.


•Bellerophon special attack damage reduced from 100 to 70 hack damage.
•Increased the favor gathering rate bonus on villagers from +20% to +30% in DM.
•Colossus pierce armor reduced from 80% to 70%.
•Zeus' favor bonus reduced from +38% to +20%.
•Bachanalia(Dionysus) increases all unit hitpoints by 10% instead of 5%.
•Hetairoi base hitpoints increased from 110 to 140.
•Polyphemus’ base hitpoints increased from 540 to 700. Special attack damage increased from 60 hack to 120 hack. Speed increased from 3.5 to 4. Base attack crush damage increased from 5 to 20.
•Hippolyta’s base hitpoints increased from 240 to 300.
•Chiron`s range increased from 14 to 16.
•Perseus` special attack range increased from 5 to 16.
•Shades are now affected by armory upgrades.


•Isis’ monument hit points reduced by 25%.
•Isis no longer grants +3 population per Town center.
•Infantry Mercenary limit reduced from 10 to 8.
•Mercenary cavalry limit reduced from 10 to 6.
•Roc speed decreased from 4.8 to 4.5.
•Catapult population cost increased from 3 to 4.
•Mercenaries recieve a +1 second lifespan on heroic age advance, which resets their lifespan status (allowing mercenary rush with any minor god choice).
•Set’s villagers now build 20% faster.
•Set animals can be spawned at half cost and they only cost 1 population.
•Serpents (god power) hitpoints and damage tripled. Units are now controllable.
•Phoenix hitpoints increased from 400 to 600, hack and crush damage increased from 30 to 40.
•Avenger favor cost decreased from 30 to 25. Hitpoints increased from 600 to 750.

•Bite of the Shark (Oce****) will now affect Fanatics as well.
•Heroic Renewal regeneration increased from 1.5hp/s to 2hp/s.
•Sky passage limit decreased from 10 to 4.
•Mirror tower limit decreased from 10 to 4.
•Atlantean TC stats now match that of other civs. They can still build them in archaic.
•Citizen and hero citizen TC build rate nerfs removed.
•Heka gigantes hitpoints increased from 850 to 1000, favor cost increased from 25 to 30.
•Favor gather rate buff increased from +30% to +60% in DM.
•Argus hitpoints increased from 360 to 500.
•Gaia's citizens train in 25 seconds instead of 35 and regenerate at 1.5 hp/s.
•Channels(Gaia tech) will apply to caravans as well (+20% speed).
•Arcus base damage increased from 6 to 7.
•Cheiroballista population cost reduced from 4 to 3.
•Contarius and contarius hero pierce armor increased by 5%.
•Hero costs now match the base unit costs and population and cost 2 favor in addition.
•Fire Siphon population cost decreased from 5 to 4, crush damage increased from 55 to 60, maximum range increased from 12 to 16, splash based pierce damage added.
•Oracles spawn instantly at the start instead of coming out one-by-one.
•Maximal range of lush increased from 8 to 10.
•Hesperides tree’s god power protection range increased from 22 to 40.
•Traitor and Chaos now have 3 charges instead of 2.
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