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Duck Hunting

by Gallas - 116 downloads



== Collector - collect all food (team):

Ducks have to collect all food on map. When it's happened, all Hunter lost the game and Ducks won.
When you collect 200 food, your Duck is upgrading (max 10x). If no Hunter in this game mode, then game will close after start.

= Difficult settings:
- Easy - no hunter upgrading at whole game
- Normal - 1 kill = 1 hunter upgrade
- Hard - 1 kill = 2 hunter upgrade

== Survivor - stay alive for 30 minutes (team or ffa):

All Ducks will start with 50 food and there is no Duck upgrading in this game mode. Every 2 second you will lose 1 food. If you have less than 1 food, you will lose 1 Hp every 5 second.
So you need to collect food to staying alive. Hunters getting upgrades by time.

= Difficult settings:
- Easy - hunter upgrade every 8 mins (max 3x)
- Normal - hunter upgrade every 5 mins (max 5x)
- Hard - hunter upgrade every 2 mins (max 10x)

== Eating Race - who can eat more? (ffa):

You have to collect as much food as you can (depends on settings). No Duck or Hunter upgrades in this game mode.

= Difficult settings:
- Easy - collect 200 food (first Duck who collect 200 food wins the game)
- Normal - collect 500 food (first Duck who collect 500 food wins the game)
- Hard - collect all food (the player with the most is the winner) a bit like the Collector game mode, but here you racing vs other Ducks.
At end it will take some minutes to count food.

Tips for Ducks:


Unit stats:
- healths: 50
- movement speed: 1.0
- LoS: 6
- attack: none
- armor: none
- dot on minimap: YES
- food gathering speed: 2.0

Your unit can:
- fly
- eat food (bushes, flowers and plants)
- hiding (if you stop moving, after 5sec your Duck won't "quack" and have much smaller appearance).

Your unit can't:
- attack other Ducks or Hunters
- you are a Duck, it's too long to list what you can't do (example build a catapult)

Your job as Duck is eating food faster than other Ducks and do not let Hunters kill you. Foods are visible on minimap by grey dot too. If you stop moving, you can hiding in reeds, but don't forget, you are visible on minimap so if you hiding too long Hunter will find you! While you flying across the map, you making "quack" sounds. Hunters can hear your "quacks" if they are close to you. Each upgrade increasing your Healths, LoS, movement speed and food gathering speed.

Tips for Hunters:


Unit stats:
- healths: 100
- movement speed: 0.7
- LoS: 12
- range: 10
- attack: 30
- reloading speed: 10
- projectile movement speed: 4.0
- armor: 10/10
- dot on minimap: NO

Your unit can:
- attack land (button T)
- auto attacking other Hunters

Your unit can't:
- attack by right clicking other Ducks or Hunters
- auto attacking Ducks
- flying over water

Your job as Hunter kill all Ducks (or other Hunters) before you run out of time, or killed by others. You can only attack like catapult, bombard cannon or trebuchet (similar like Dodgeball games). You shooting two balls, but the second have really bad accurate. You have no dot on minimap so you can hiding in reeds, but your unit still idle while just standing. Each upgrade increasing all of your stats.

Good Hunting!

- network_down.PNG Offline game support: [You must login to view link]

Current version 1.4:
1.4-Plants now more dense
1.4-Survivor game mode's difficults edited and fixed win and message bug
1.3-Trees no longer block unit spawns
1.2-Gaia instead of p1 that tribute
1.1-Duck's Hp bar moved lower
1.1-Some trees on land
1.1-Cartography from start for everyone
1.1-Ducks doing a bit less "quack"
1.1- If players leave game, then he lose all of his food
1.1-In Collector game mode if no Hunter, then the game will close
1.1-In Collector game mode Ducks gets upgrades every 200 food, instead of 100
1.1-In Survivor game mode you have stay alive for 30 mins, instead of 60
1.1-In Survivor game mode difficult changed (because faster game)
1.0-First public version

This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug".

Total triggers: 550
Conditions: 1112
Effects: 2179
Map size: 80x80

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- [namehere] for unique Duck graphics (not done yet)
- Nintendo for NES Duck Hunt

Map shot >>HERE<<

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