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The Fall of Hummaria - Teaser

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This is the revamped version of my cinematic "The Fall of Hummaria - Teaser". Expect some extra scenes, spelling/grammar fix and much more!


Once upon a time there was a powerful and rich kingdom called Hummaria. It prospered until one day its king fell ill and perished. Without an heir, the royal house disappeared and a rich nobleman was elected king.

The new king quickly turned out to be a terrible ruler, desiring only wealth and pleasure.
Any sign of disobedience from the country's citizens was dealt with harshly. The years went by and the population grew ever more dissatisfied with its ruler. At age sixty the king died, leaving the throne to his son Elliard.

Though completely different from his father, Elliard was perceived to be just as bad by the people of Hummaria. At the very first day of his reign a rebellion broke out. Despite various attempts by the king to resolve the situation with ringleaders Jordan and Aspen, no progress was achieved.

There were not many options left for Elliard, but he eventually decided on probably the worst of them: repression. He followed in his father's footsteps, killing all rebels. Women and children included.

It was of no use. If anything, it only served to further anger the population. Yet Elliard had already gone to far to halt his repression.

The rebels' numbers increased over time as many of Hummaria's citizens chose to join the resistance. It did not take long for them to fight the guards. Soon the rebels outnumbered the Hummarian army and the guards stopped following Elliard's orders.

The king was facing a cliff... His own men against him, he was left with only the most loyal of his servants. In a final struggle to defend the kingdom they were unable to hold back the rebels. Elliard has no other option but to await his fate.


- A 16min long cut-scene (length extended in 4 minutes);
- Extra scenes;
- Additional sounds/musics;
- Use of the Berserker Jerker's trick, "AOK Night Scenes";
- Spelling/grammar errors corrected (thanks to Dead_End);
- Great sound effects, which fits in the story;
- Many "cut-scene tricks", like using cartography;
- Very good scenario design (IMO);
- Fast paced dialogs and events;
- A hollow and dark atmosphere;
- Much more!


2.0 (HOT)
- Cinematic completely revamped (including changes on the scenario design, on the dialogs, extra scenes, etc...)!
1.2 (NEW)
- Soundtrack's bitrate decreased to 130kb/s (Package's size considerably dimished)
1.1 (OLD)
- Minor grammar mistakes corrected.
- Scenario design improved!
1.0 (VERY OLD)
- Release!

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