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Mad Random Maps and Terrains

by TheMadCADer - 109 downloads

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This mod is primarily a random map pack. The maps included are fun to play and aesthetically pleasing. The pack includes maps that utilize unique terrains for an enhanced experience. The benefit of this mod gives the total package containing both the maps and terrains. The mod also gives the benefit of auto-updating which saves tons of time and a lot of trouble in game setup. (Note that the version ID is "MonthDayYear")

This mod adds rock and lava terrains to AoC without replacing any common textures in the game. These can be used by scenario designers and RM scripters in-game.
-Rock terrain is "Road(Other)" and constant 40
-Lava terrain is "Water(Other)" and constant 15

This mod is fully compatible with other graphical mods like this.
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