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The New Ages-Development

by TheMadCADer - 11 downloads

This mod has not yet been approved by Voobly staff. Use at your own risk.
The New Ages is a mod for AoC that was based on Forgotten Empires v2.2 and taken a step further...
Gameplay changes were implemented around making the game more fun by changing around bonuses and re-purposing otherwise obsolete technologies to address some weaknesses and shortcomings of various civilizations.

Core Features:
New Civs:
• Africans
o Camel and foot soldier civ
o Archers and Skirms +20% hp
o Buildings that cost stone +50% hp
o Monks cost -50% in Imperial Age
o Market Upgrades Free
o Unique unit: War Elephant
o Team Bonus: Trade units 2x hp
o Unique techs
 Javelineers: Skirms +15% rate of fire
 Desert Breeds: Camels cost no gold
• Indonesians
o Monk and naval civ
o Villagers move 10% faster
o Warships move 10% faster
o Fishing Ships cost -25%, fish traps cost -50%
o Unique Unit: Witch Doctor(tough healing unit)
o Team Bonus: Blacksmith and University work 50% faster
o Unique techs:
 Medicine: Monks and witch doctors extra healing rate and range
 Sinew: Scorpions -1 min range

AI: The New Ages runs exclusively on Barbarian 2.15b. It is currently "compatible" with the additional civilizations. It makes poor choices in some situations and doesn't take advantage of the new gameplay changes as of now.

Rock and Lava terrains come standard.

RM: The New Ages includes Mad Random, which is currently 85 innovative and aesthetically pleasing maps, the quantity and quality of which are always expanding. The New Ages also comes along with the maps from AoFE.

General Gameplay Changes:
• Scorpions -2 range, affected by fletching, bodkin, & bracer
• Tower upgrades available at towers, bombard tower still at university
• Petards at siege workshop (requires castle)
• Petards can garrison inside rams
• Petards can damage trees
• Siege towers available at workshop
• Speed of projectiles for Bombard Cannon, Bombard Tower, and Cannon Galleon all the same
• Tracking moved to Dark Age-cost 50 food
• Squires moved to Feudal Age-cost 150 food
• All civs have same faith recharge rate
• Eagles moved to feudal age
• Herbal medicine moved to Feudal age and at Town Center costs 150 food
• Demo ships lower speed, higher hp and armor
• Fireships affected by ballistics
• Parthian tactics changed: cav archers move 10% faster (same bonus damage vs pikes as old tech)
• Cavalry archers +2 damage to spearmen changed to +1 damage vs all infantry

Civ-Specific Changes:
• Fire towers available for Aztecs and Indonesians
• Incas Imperial UT changed: infantry bonus damage vs walls
• Persians UU changes: Cataphract camel (small bonus vs infantry/cavalry + high anti-cavalry armor)
• Persians Imperial UT changed—Dromedarii: Cataphract camels cause trample damage
• Persians Castle UT changed—Medes: pike line has +2 armor, +1 pierce armor
• Sultans technology affects buy/sell rates at market
• Turks Castle UT changed—Commodity: all units and buildings cost 10% less gold
• Saracen market cost normal, start with relic
• Saracen Castle UT changed—Ramadan: all units cost 15% less food
• Franks forage bonus moved to Koreans, effect reduced to 20%
• Koreans CasUT changed—Magsa: military buildings cost 50% less wood
• Turtle Ships move slightly faster
• Chinese Castle UT changed—Alchemy: rams explode when destroyed
• Magyars team bonus changed: sheep +1 LOS
• Japanese Galley LOS now individual bonus
• Japanese Team bonus changed: foot archers and skirms +2 LOS
• Jaguar Warriors resist anti-infantry damage by small amount
• Byzantine team bonus changed: Markets and Monasteries work 20% faster
• Celts Castle UT changed: Repairers work twice as fast
• Magyars and Slavs have the same building set (from AoF HD)
• Spanish building set now same as Italians
• Elite Janissary creation time -3 sec
• Longbows fire 10% faster, creation time +1 sec
• Non-Elite Huskarls -1 Pierce armor

To Do List:
    Always bug and balance test
    Work more on AI for increased compatibility
    Graphics (units, buildings, user interface)

Maybe List:

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