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LotR Taunts

by LotR Community - 281 downloads

This is a must be Taunts mod for a Lord of the Rings fan. At the moment there are over 200 famous quotes and sound clips featured in this mod, but in time it will grow and boast more of them. The taunts are located at 787-999. This way you can keep your original AoC taunts.

Current list of taunts -

Guide to people who want to make this work together with the 999 Taunts Mod.

Step 0: Download the LotR Taunts mod.

Step 1: Go to your Age of Empires II folder and open the Taunt folder. Create a new folder inside the Taunt folder and call the new folder "backup".

Step 2: Move all the taunts from the Taunt folder to the newly created backup folder. If you downloaded and manually installed 999 Taunts then continue to next step, if you downloaded the 999 Taunts Mod from Voobly then go to this directory - YourAgeofEmpiresII/Voobly Mods/AOC/Local Mods/999 Taunts/Taunt/. That location has all the files and copy them and place them inside the backup folder you made before.
Step 2.1: Disable the 999 Taunts Mod from Voobly and make sure that LotR Taunts are enabled.

Step 3: Open the backup folder and select files from 1-786 and move them back to the Taunt folder.

NB! You can always get back your 999 Taunts, if you wish. Simply disable the LotR Taunts from Voobly and move everything from the backup folder to the Taunt folder.

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