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Gathering point

by otadmor - 2 downloads

This mod has not yet been approved by Voobly staff. Use at your own risk.
This mod adds a new unit to the AOC game:
1) This is a moving relic cart.
2) with speed of 1000.
3) with unlimited terrain movement.
4) which units can walkthrough.
5) which cannot be attacked or deleted.

It is very useful in games which automatically creates unit and you want to be able to change the rally point of the newly created units (In games line CBA or State of War).

For example - in CBA - instead of using the relics on the small island (the relic to select Spawn Close/Normal/Long) you will have one relic on the big land (where u fight). Then, each newly created unit will go to the relic on the big land. To choose where you want your units to go - you simply move the relic cart on the big land, and the units will follow it. This way you can make any point on the map as the spawn point, instead of just 3 options currently. It can be used, for example, when you build the close gates at your own base, and want your units to be build on the side of the castles. You can use it also when you want your units to go automatically to an enemy base or an ally base.

An example of a map is added, so just play the map / see the triggers and you will get the idea.

I hope VOOBLY will one day make this an official mod.


some screenshots:

Known issues - when a trigger creates a unit on exact the same spot of the trigger, the trigger will be removed from the map.
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