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More detailed information can be retrieved with the spreadsheet found at - (Which requires a spreadsheet program to view - ie gnumeric or Libre Office).

List Of Gameplay Changes..

~~~ Trade Cart ~~~

2 Pop
200 Wood
100 Gold
102 Game Seconds
Halfed Speed
Reworked Gold Generation Rate To Be The Same As Original Game (Or Very Close To Anyway)
Removed Caravan research alterations to Trade Carts.

~~~ Relic Gold Generation ~~~

30 Gold Generation Rate

~~~ Bloodlines ~~~

For All (Excluding Franks - which have something similar already applied)

~~~ Palisade Wall ~~~

6 Wood Cost (+4)
1000 HP (+750)

~~~ Gaia Stock Resources ~~~

1600 Gold Mine (+800)
700 Stone Mine (+350)
1250 Forage Bush (+1125)
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