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Grid Terrains - No Snow

by SaladEsc - 423 downloads

This is a version with THICK lines

This mod will add an overlaying grid to all terrains types and replace the snowy terrains with the default grass terrain. It makes it easier to place buildings, to wall and to see hills. Note that snow pine forest trees still have snow, I will be working on a separate Small Trees No Snow mod in the near future.

Original Grid Terrains Mod:
No Snow version requested by Lockser

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If you do not like the grid on a specific terrain type, you can delete the corresponding .slp file in the mod directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Voobly Mods\AOC\Local Mods\Grid Terrains - No Snow

I would personally recommend deleting the shallows that are replacing the ice terrain by default, as well as deleting the grid terrain for water textures. One does not simply build on water, and there are no hills on water for most maps.

Terrain SLP List
15000 - Dirt 1
15006 - Dirt 2
15007 - Dirt 3
15010 - Sand
15001 - Grass 1
15008 - Grass 2
15009 - Grass 3
15011 - Leaves
15002 - Water Light
15014 - Shallows
15015 - Water Dark
15016 - Water Medium
15017 - Shores
15018 - Road
15019 - Broken Road
15031 - Fungus Road
15026 - Snow
15024 - Ice
15027 - Snow Dirt
15028 - Snow Grass
15029 - Snow Forest
15030 - Snow Road

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