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AOE - Map Pack - Multiplayer

by KGB_Crazy - 170 downloads

* All players in the game room must install the map pack before launch the game

Some of the greatest/popular multiplayer maps for Age of Empires 1. Including:

- Aoe Trial Map - Multiplayer Rumble (8-Player).scn (multiplayer map used in age of empires trial)
- arena-1v1.scn (looks like the arena map from age of empires 2)
- arena-2v2.scn
- arena-3v3.scn
- DM ladder1v1.scn
- DM perfectmapns2 (maximus 2 players)
- DM pm3v3 (maximus 6 players)
- gdb - Chariot War (maximus 6 players).scn (known in brazil as "guerra de bigas" - good to practice chariots fight)
- Multiplayer Come and Get Me (8-Player only).scn
- Multiplayer Cutthroat (8-Player only).scn
- Multiplayer Gold Rush (8-Player maximum).scn
- Multiplayer Marooned (8-Player only).scn
- Multiplayer Pathfinder (8-Player only)
- New Zealand 3- The Transition - Migration (maximus 8 players).scn
- pop200_race (maximus 2 players).scn (whoever reach pop 200 first wins, good to practice speed)

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