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Gallas Scenarios

by Gallas - 129 downloads

One Visual mod to contain all of my non-modded multiplayer maps!

Blood of the hill

This is a domination game mixed with aoe2 civilizations. 5 base on map, capture its. Get points from objects, and collect 2 000 points before enemy team. RATED in CS - Casual ladder (AoC Rated Custom Scenarios).

(click on image for bigger picture)

Detailed guide for Blood of the hill map

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Gladiator Tournament

Single- and Multiplayer arena. Choose your gladiator and survive each round!

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10 or 20 round micro training. Each alive unit gives one gold, earn more gold than other player to win!

Detailed guide for MicroMania map

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Vampire Reincarnation

This is a Hunter / Prey map. Build base or fight with your vampire. Use your spells in your units (not working with userpatch, only 1.0c support it).


Detailed guide for Vampire Reincarnation map

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Cart blood

Capture and hold the Relic Cart to win! Every 10 seconds you get 10 gold while it's yours. But watch out, when the Cart is yours, you don't get new units!

Detailed guide for Cart blood map

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Other projects comes later . . .


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