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11 or 20 round micro training. Each alive unit gives one gold, earn more gold than other player to win!



How to host



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How to play

  • Wood = Round number
  • Gold = own score
  • Stone = enemy's score
  • You get points for every alive unit / round
  • Earn more score than enemy to win!

Rounds (1-11)

3 Militias, 1 Scout Cavalry

ROUND 2 - Feudal age upgrade
5 Scout Cavalries, 1 Spearman

ROUND 3 - Fletching upgrade
5 Scout Cavalries, 8x Archers

ROUND 4 - Bloodline upgrade
6 Scout Cavalries, 4 Spearmen, 6 Skirmishers, 6 Archers

ROUND 5 - Bodkin Arrow and Padded Archer Armor upgrade
1 Mangonel, 12 Crossbowmen

2 Mangonels, 18 Crossbowmen

2 Mangonels, 16 Cavalry Archers

ROUND 8 - Scale Barding Armor upgrade
6 Knights, 14 Crossbowmen

blue: 4 Knights, 10 Cavalry Archers
red: 6 Pikemen, 10 Cavalry Archers

ROUND 10 -
blue: 6 Pikemen, 10 Cavalry Archers
red: 4 Knights, 10 Cavalry Archers

ROUND 11 - Full Imperial age upgrade
12 Paladins, 10 Halberdiers, 3 Siege Rams, 24 Arbalets

FINAL (if tie)
1 Paladin, 3 Siege Onagers, 2 Bombard Cannons

Video from Your_momma


Q: Can I play this map rated?
A: Yes in CS - Casual ladder

Q: How long is the game?
A: Around 15 minutes (20 round version 30 minutes).

Q: What if we have same score at end?
A: There will be a final round.

Q: Help, the game not counting the points!
A: The map not working with 1.0c, only UserPatch good.

Q: Other player deleting his units, is it fair?
A: Kills gives nothing, so he won't get any benefit from deleting.

Q: Can it be played more than 1v1?
A: No.

Q: Can I coop with player 1 or 2?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I play vs computer?
A: Unrated yes, but won't be that hard (maybe some custom Ai).

Q: Is there any Unique Unit or Unique Technology research?
A: Nope.

Q: The map is over, now what?
A: The game need 5-15 sec to count points, just wait a bit.

Special thanks

- DiGiT, JustTesting1234 and LOD_mantis for aokTS
- nhoobish for name idea
- GizerZilla fo base map
- All tester who helped to make it better
- map requested by: [TheJedi]Genette
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