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Balance Tweaker Beta

by ZeroEmpires - 87 downloads

This patch is in early development - for easier to read information please visit: [You must login to view link]

This balance patch is designed to give some much needed buffs and nerfs to AoC in order to fix some of the flaws that have been carried with it for the last 15 years. Tired of the 1 unit only water wars? Tired of the Archer/Knight dominated land wars? Then this is for you!
The aim of this patch is to make the tweaked balance version of the game the new standard, leaving behind the broken things in AoC and moving forward to a new era of balanced gameplay.

UPDATED 02-06-2015
List of Changes:

  • Palisade walls cost + 2 wood each
  • Stone Walls only available from the Castle Age
  • Stone walls cost +2 stone
  • House HP Reduced by 100

  • Increased Fireship line HP by 5
  • Increased Fireship line Pierce Armor by 1
  • Increased Fireship LOS From 5 to 6
  • Increased Fireship Speed by 0.04
  • Decreased Demolition Ship Gold Cost by 10

  • Man-At-Arms +5HP
  • Long Sword +5HP
  • Long Sword Onwards +1 melee armor
  • Militia Line infantry move 2% faster
  • Eagle Warriors +2 bonus attack vs cavalry
  • Eagle Warriors (Castle Age Only) creation time reduced from 35 to 30.

  • Cav Archers cost 10 less gold for every Civ
  • Hun Cav Archers - -15% Cheaper in Castle (Instead of 25%)
  • Crossbow upgrade cost increased to 150F and 100G
  • Crossbow upgrade time increased from 35s to 45s
  • Plumed Archers cost 50 Wood and 50 Gold instead of 46 Wood and 46 Gold

  • Viking Boats -15% Cost (Instead of -20%)
  • Longboats cost 90W 40G instead of 100W 50G
  • Aztecs start with +50 gold instead of free Loom
  • Elite Mangudai -1 Attack
  • TC's, Towers and Castles do 2 bonus instead of 5 bonus vs camels and heavy camels. (Mameluke, boats etc not affected)
  • Coinage and Banking moved up an Age

    Base game bug fixes to be included.
  • Fixed fervor not working
  • Fixed Anti-Monk Damage on monks holding relics
  • Fixed Teuton TC civ bonus Bonus attack of +1 instead of +2 (Also displays this on the UI)
  • Fixed Chemistry not being shown on TC's + Castles when researched.
  • Fixed Perfusion giving 100% faster Barracks instead of 50% faster as shown in the tech tree.

You can play with friends using Multiplayer so long as all of the players have the Balance Tweaker mod installed.

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