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CS Random Beginner

by Voobly Team - 79 downloads

CS Random Beginner

Enable the mod like so:


Pick the map in the game custom scenario menu:


The map named NPL Random will randomly pick one of the fifteen CS maps listed below:

=V= Archers Blood v5.scx
Blood of the Hill 1.4
=V= BYO CB v2.scx
=V= Daze Blood v8.scx
=V= Fury Blood v4.scx
=V= Gwarz AC v2.scx
=V= Germs Blood v2.scx
=V= Khans Blood v4.scx
=V= King Blood.scx
=V= Lustful Encounters v7.scx
=V= Nova Blood.scx
=V= Radical Blood v2.scx
=V= Ray Blood v3.scx
=V= Smosh SF v3.scx
=V= Veteran Blood v6.scx
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