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Nine Tech Apocalypse

by Sadie - 180 downloads

This mod, while being much more insane, has the same premise as the Triple Tech Mod, and features many of the same kinds of fixes, such as removing redundant research and the like. The idea for this mod came about in thinking that even with the TTM, players in CBA would still research most of the same things within the same period of time. With this, users will have to be more picky about the researches that they choose early game, and particularly whether or not they want to go for more attack or defense-oriented units. Of course, during late game the gameplay becomes insane, with villagers that can move quicker than cavalry and archers that can out-range Trebuchets by far, but doesn't that add spice to it?! Criticisms and suggestions are much appreciated!

Will upload screenies soon, thanks c:

1.0c (Corrected) is the new baseline version, with all tweaks of previous versions.
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