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Elite Patch - DM

by fobbix - 34 downloads

Elite Patch

Designed to enhance the classical/original play of the game. Trade lag has been halfed and a load of other minor changes have been made to the game. None of which really change the way the original game is played.

Mainly designed for DM games. This mod also features a 50/50 RM/DM starting mode (see starting resources).

Important Changes To Standard Online Gameplay!!!

# Trade Lag Halfed (x2 Population Count For Each Trade Cart Unit)

# Trebuchets Statistics Altered (More HP & can also cut tree stump/cuts area) (Attack is now useless vs non-siege units)

# Onager Statistics Altered (Counter-Lag Advantage)

# Unique Archer + (Viking Arbalest) Moderately Destroys Ram (Anti-Glitch)

# Walls and Castles take a while to build and destroy (Walls cost more)

# Standard Tower is now effective (Advancing) (Plus Bombard Tower takes more area to build)

# Palisade Wall has more HP (Helps Goths)

# Bloodlines to most Civs (140 HP Cavaliers/Heavy Camels)

# Tree stock resources reduced

# Quicker Villager Creation Speed

Important Changes To Other Online Gameplay!!!

# Relic Monky (For FFA) (Relic Gold Generation 1/sec)

# No Missile Boats (For Water Maps) (Breach Style Game)

Very Minor Civilization Changes

Huns – Required to build yurts (houses) for more population (+15 Per Yurt)
Huns – Elite Tarkan stats changed around to make it a proper raiding unit+Counter Siege (+10 HP, +0.025 Speed, 40 Attack vs Buildings, 20 Attack vs Siege)

Vikings – Elite Berserker +10 HP, +0.1 Speed (0.05 off of Celts Woad Raider), +10 Attack vs Cavalry
Vikings – Heavy Scorpion -1 Minimum Range, +1 Range/LOS/Search Radius
Vikings – Arbalest/Heavy Scorpion fire 1/4 more quicker
Vikings – Pikeman +20 HP

Goths – Due To MQ Removed Quicker Barracks Unit Creation Speed, Added +25 Max Population As Team Bonus

Persian – Elite War Elephant -50 HP, -1 Pierce Armour, +1 Melee Armour, +0.075 Speed

Teutons – Elite Teutonic Knight +0.15 Speed

Spanish - Replaced team bonus to Bombard Cannon and Cavalry Archer Bonuses?

Aztec - Pikeman +20 HP, Has Area Attack (Pikeman ninja's ha ha ha)

Complete General Changes

# Trade Lag Halfed (To Reduce Game Lag) (now set to 50% more than original, without collisions, especially in 3v3/4v4 you used to get too much gold, now you get less which is actually better)

^ Heres a Michi tip, build 6 markets, once built click each in turn, for each click ~ hold Shift and press the hotkey for Trade Cart creation once, this will build you 5 for each market. This is great tip for not over creating carts. Instead of having them mess up your Eco/Pop Management.

# Trebuchets Mechanics have been changed around (has more HP, better physics, and can cut tree stumps and cut through forests faster too). *Updated in 1.5, more effective*

# Unique+Viking Arbalest Archer Fire Ram (Destroys Rams At Moderate Rate)

# Onager Unit Type has 0.2 Rotation Penalty which is cool, and 0.05 Error Accuracy (which means the unit will find it difficult to hit moving units such as cavalry) (to try and counter the supremacy of this unit in laggy games).

# Villagers -10 Creation Speed (Allows Faster Start/Setup Of Base)

# Stone Resources 50% More and Stone Costs 50% More (To Try And Counter Market Resource Trading).

# Bloodlines to most Civs (140 HP Cavaliers/Heavy Camels)

# Relic Monky (Relic Gold Generation For FFA) (Gold Gen Set To 30 (Around 1/sec) and Monastery requires Big Build Area + 300 Stone)
^ Relic Monky is actually a creatable unit (monk with relic) from the monastery (Costs 550 Gold)

# Tree Wood Decrease (100 to 66) (Longer Games Are Quite Boring) (Snow Pine=200, Oak=75, Bambo=50)

# Normal Tower have 2/3 Cost + x2 Build Speed (These can be used for advancing)

# Bombard Tower occupies 4 squares (so that Trebuchets can hit them much better)

# Castle have -x1.5 Build Speed (To stop these being used to advance)

# Skirmishers have +2 Attack vs Cavalry/Camels (Slight Tweak For FFA Games)

# Walls have -x2 Build Speed (To stop from quickly building walls) (Gates are untouched)

# Stone/Fortified Wall have x2 HP and x3 Stone Cost (To prevent from rebuilding 24/7)

# Palisade Wall have x6 HP (Helps Goths)

# Outpost have there stone cost removed (due to it being annoying)

# Done something new with water maps (removed all offensive boats excluding demolition ships) and changed around the settings a bit (with fast demo you counter enemy ships, with heavy demo you breach the landing site, with fast tower you should be able to get a foothold on the enemy base)

Resource Changes

Starting Resources (RM) (DM will also have additional resources applied)
Food – 2000
Wood – 3000
Stone – 2500
Gold – 1000

Forage Bush – x10 Food
Stone Mine - x1.5 Stone

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