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Fobby Colours

by fobbix - 225 downloads

Colour Changes

1 - Thomas Blue
2 - Lipstick Red
3 - Colourful Green
4 - Bright Yellow
5 - Shiny Cyan
6 - Shiny Pink
7 - Chocolate Brown
8 - Shiny Orange

Main Colours are quite distinctive (except for contrast between Orange and Red).

The hidden outlines are in highlight colours.

Map Colours stand out quite a bit and don't look terrible.

Grey Removed since I couldn't find a suitable Mini-Map Colours, Black == Dark Brown, White == Selection/Artifacts, Moderate Greys/Browns == Used As Terrain, Pale Colours == Too Odd && Lacks Distinction.

Could really do with full RGB range of colours for player colours.

Later Version:
Golden Yellow
Aqua Blue
Mysterious Purple
Amber Orange (Although I can't find suitable orange that doesn't clash with red (want a dark orange))

Previous Versions..
1.0 -
1.1 -
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