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DM Elite Classic

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Elite Patch
Classical Edition

:Important Note:
The population count should be set to 175 instead of 200 for a 'usual' DM game since many players were complaining about the double population count for the trade cart and as such I have removed that and kept the upgraded stats (Generally this mod is a great way of just removing 35 obsolete lag-generating units anyway).

Designed to enhance the classical/original play of the game. Trade lag has been halfed and very few additional changes have been made!

Mainly designed for DM games. This mod also features a 50/50 RM/DM starting mode (see starting resources).

Important Changes To Standard Online Gameplay!!!

# Trade Lag Halfed ((presume) x2 Statistical improvements for trade carts)

# Trebuchets Statistics Altered (More HP & can also cut tree stump/cuts area) (Attack is now useless vs non-siege units)

# Walls cost more and take slightly longer to build (to stop rebuilding 24/7 all game)

# Standard Tower is now effective (Advancing)

# Palisade Wall has more HP (Helps Goths)

Very Minor Civilization Changes

Huns – Required to build yurts (houses) for more population (+10 Per Yurt)
Huns – Elite Tarkan stats changed around to make it a proper raiding unit+Counter Siege (+10 HP, +0.025 Speed, 33 Attack vs Buildings (additional +5 for castle), 15 Attack vs Siege)

Vikings & Aztec – Arbalest fire 1/4 more quicker
Vikings & Aztec – Pikeman +10 HP

Complete General Changes

# Trade Lag Halfed (To Reduce Game Lag) (now set to 50% more than original, without collisions, especially in 3v3/4v4 you used to get too much gold, now you get less which is actually better)

^ Heres a Michi tip, build 6 markets, once built click each in turn, for each click ~ hold Shift and press the hotkey for Trade Cart creation once, this will build you 5 for each market. This is great tip for not over creating carts. Instead of having them mess up your Eco/Pop Management.

# Trebuchets Mechanics have been changed around (has more HP, better physics, and can cut tree stumps and cut through forests faster too).

# Stone Resources 50% More and Stone Costs 50% More (To Try And Counter Market Resource Trading).

# Normal Tower have 2/3 Cost + x2 Build Speed (These can be used for advancing)

# Walls have -x1.5 Build speed and 50% more stone cost (To stop from quickly building walls) (Gates are untouched)

# Palisade Wall have x6 HP (Helps Goths)

# Outpost have there stone cost removed (due to it being annoying)

# House built 2 seconds quicker and Barracks built 3 seconds quicker (Counter-Rush)

Resource Changes

Starting Resources (RM) (DM will also have additional resources applied)
Food – 2000
Wood – 3000
Stone – 2500
Gold – 1000

Forage Bush – x10 Food

25% Tribute Fee
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