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DM Anti-Lag Mod

by fobbix - 27 downloads

DM Anti-Lag Mod

Intended to be more or less identical to the original with very minor differences. With this mod I have kept a lot of the imbalances between the different civilizations.

However Koreans are poorly implemented in the original so I've decided to try something different with them.

All Changes

# Slow Trade Cart - Same number of trade carts on the map with half the collisions.

# Trebuchet 185 HP. (Too easy to destroy, and Turk Bombard Cannons win the middle wood in michi.)

# All Walls cost x2 resources. (To try and prevent enemy rebuilding and perhaps introduce alternative strategies.)

# Palisade Wall x6 HP. (Helps Goths.)

# Towers 2/3 cost and 1/2 build time. (Towers were useless.)

# Outpost stone cost removed. (Annoying.)

# Houses built 2 seconds quicker, Barracks built 3 seconds quicker. (Helps against mounted rush.)

Minor Civ Changes

Huns – Required to build yurts for more population (+10 Population Room) (Cost - 100 Wood, 20 Second build time, HP 500)
Huns – Elite Tarkan stats changed around to make it a proper raiding unit+Counter Siege (+10 HP, +0.025 Speed, 33 Attack vs Buildings, 15 Attack vs Siege)
^ Huns were too over-powered in initial rush and too under-powered in middle game

Vikings & Aztec – Arbalest 25% quicker attack speed
Vikings & Aztec – Pikeman +10 HP
^ Vikings were too rubbish, and Aztec can't do anything against mounted civilizations.

Goths - Given Stone Gates
^ Now they have somewhat useful walls this allows them to add in some gates too, wooden gates would be too much work to add, but maybe I can add them at a later date.

Koreans - Siege Onager range has -1 range (still have +2) (Team Bonus Removed By Accident Instead Of Upgrade. Thought it was hard-coded)
Koreans - Elite War Wagon Stats been changed around (will require testing!) (175 HP, 1 (Tile) Blast Radius, Acc 85% and 0.33, 3 Base Attack, +10 Attack vs Cavalry, +5 Attack vs buildings)
^ Kills allied units including itself!
^ Koreans are poorly implemented in the original so I've decided to try something different with them.
^ Again note Koreans will very likely be under-powered or over-powered (I have no-one to test with :().

Resource Changes

Ally Tribute Fee At 25% (Allies don't build armies/eco properly etc.)

Map Resources

Forage Bush – x10 Food (Nice addition to the standard game mode, lets you get food without setting up farming straight away.)
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