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Run and Gun

by Gallas - 44 downloads

This mod turns ANY Random map which have Town Center into a Dodgeball-like game!


How to host

Suggested settings:
  1. Set your favorite random map, can be default or custom, all works, till it have Town Center.
  2. In too big map will be hard to find enemy, so keep it small.
  3. With starting age you can change your Unit's strength.
  4. Rest of the settings and teams are your choose (and you have free carto from Dark age).

Unit stats

- healths: 100
- movement speed: 0.8
- LoS: 11
- range: 10
- attack: 30
- reloading speed: 10
- accuracy: 30%
- accuracy error radius: 0.5
- projectile movement speed: 4.0
- armor: 10/10
- dot on minimap: NO

How to play

You can only attack with the ground attack (button T) like catapult, bombard cannon or trebuchet (similar like Dodgeball games). You can't attack by right clicking on enemy. You shooting two balls, but it have really bad accuracy. You have no dot on minimap, so prepare for surprise attack!

You will have only one life, if you die, you lose.
Good Hunting!

Gameplay video by nhoobish

Technical informations

Version log

Current version: 1.1
1.1-Fixed some object's terrain restriction
1.1-Feudal age up gives correctly the upgrades
1.1-LoS -1 (range stays at 10)

Special thanks
  • Keisari Tapsa and Ruralist for modding tools
  • nhoobish for fancy mod name
  • Justin for Allied vision
  • this mod based on Duck Hunting
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