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TD III fix 2015

by Rambit, edited by daBoogeymane and _Kodak - 19 downloads

-the tooltips (info) on most techs work properly

-added haystacks around the trade buildings so market and dock trade units don't get stuck - [V] TDIII Beta 5 scenario

-added map revealers at all the trade buildings so you don't have to scout first - [V] TDIII Beta 5 scenario

-reduced the size radius of all market and dock trade units to prevent cluster on the trading routes, further prevents trade units from getting stuck

-reduced sky workshop price to 5000 wood

-added more armor and hp techs
+5 armor x6
+10% hp x7

-removed useless civ bonuses and also edited/added new bonuses
[civ bonuses are as follows]

britons - +15 tower attack
japanese - castle age towers cost half price
byzantines - ages cost half price, villagers cost half price
chinese - chu-ko-nu towers fire twice as fast
franks - scorpion, power, onager, and axe towers fire 50% faster
goths - hand carts cost 1 wood
persians - trade elephants move twice as fast and carry twice as much
saracens - instant market queue
tuetons - instant military center and blacksmith upgrades
turks - gold miners work twice as fast
celts - lumberjacks work twice as fast
vikings - dock trade units cost half price
mongols - cavalry units move 15% faster
spanish - builders work twice as fast
aztecs - dock trade units carry twice as much gold
huns - small pavilions are free, large pavilions -75% wood
mayans - dark age towers are free , trade carts carry twice as much gold
koreans - +2 tower range stone miners work twice as fast
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