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VLNS Map Pack

by HJ, [VLNS]HJFE - 59 downloads

RMS Map Pack for Norwegian Clan VLNS. Maps, map pack. Enable mod in game room then it will give you all the maps.

When Updating:

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1. Uninstall the old mod
2. Download the new content with the update
It must be done in this following order

Maps at the moment [20x]:
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_ACROPOLIS
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_ARABIA
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_BLACK_FOREST
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_ISLANDS
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_TEAM_ISLANDS
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_CARIBBEAN
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_DRY_ARABIA
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_OASIS
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_GHOST_LAKE
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_MEDITERRANEAN
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_YUCATAN
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_FORTRESS
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_MIGRATION
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_ARCHIPELAGO
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_COASTAL
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_RIVERS
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_HIGHLAND
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_MONGOLIA
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_CONTINENTAL
percent_chance 5 #define VLNS_SCANDINAVIA

Created by HJ, [VLNS]HJFE.

Check out my work:
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