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Zombie Apocalypse

by ApAdams - 38416 downloads


The game setup is similar to Jurassic. All Players should choose team 1 except for player 3 who should be team 2 or just team - (hyphen). Players 1, 2, and 3 should have their colors in order, the rest don't matter as far as I can tell, the triggers are the same so it should work if players after 4 want to change color. There should be no empty slots between players 1, 2 and 3. There is never any need to recolor. It is ok to have empty slots after the third player. Recoloring when slots are empty is a waste of time.

The hunter (player 3) has 5 mausoleum buildings where zombies are created. Also the mausoleums are spawn points for free zombies (like CBA). Take out all the buildings and the zombie player can only multiply by killing more player units.

There are regular zombies which you can train to get a head start in the early game. Don't make more than you need as you have limited food to spend. You can infect other players by attacking their units to get more of these zombies, earning 25 food per kill in the process. For this reason it might be wise to allow the players to boom a little bit and build population as it will all be meat for you, if you manage to break through their defences. The second type of zombie is the Necromorph. These zombies are strong but have more health, pierce armor, and stronger attack against walls. They are weak against melee units, as these zombies must be killed by dismemberment. Regular zombies only need a good head shot for a kill, hence their relatively low pierce armor and greater resistance to melee units (just for balance).

If you are not player3, you will start with 3 vills at the center of the map. Map revealers have been provided showing that you are indeed surrounded by 5 mausoleums belonging to player 3 (the zombie). Several items are scattered around which you can pick up with your villager to gain additional abilities. If you pick up a horse for example, you become a mounted unit that looks like a scout. These units are exceptionally powerful against scattered zombie units, but begin losing HP rapidly if attacked by multiple zombies at once.

If your unit loses all it's HP, that unit becomes infected. Infected units look like villagers and can even board transport ships (look out or you will spread infection to your allies base if you retreat there after a chaotic attack). However, infected units can't do anything else but lose HP and eventually turn into a zombie. The best thing to do is send them as far away from you as possible, or delete next to a unit that can attack it. Keep in mind attacking zombies tells the zombie player where you are.

Other equippable items are the gun, bow and arrow, sword and shield, medicinal plant (heals you), cannon, and crossbow. None of the equipped units have auto attack. I don't believe I can make it so they do. This might be because they are villagers or might be because they are priests, in the underlying code of the game there are class characteristics which can't be changed. The equipping system is the first of its kind but I do hope a more talented modder can show me how to improve it?

At the request of users I have added units for production at the barracks, archery range and stable. These units all have auto-attack. The archers have better range but lower attack than the crossbowmen, and also lower accuracy. Massed archers behind a wall is a common defence strategy. Cavalry archers become available in the castle age. These units survive after their horse dies, and become bowmen (archers with no auto attack). A cav archer thus can become a villager by deleting once and then unequipping its bow.

No other units are currently available in the game besides normal siege units. Blacksmith upgrades apply to all military production units and not equipped vills. Equipping vills is meant as a way to defend against scattered zombies in the early game. Cannons are also very effective well into the late game. Event though they have no autoattack they can take out masses of zombies in a couple of hits. They also damage your walls so be careful.

When the game first starts it is wise to send a couple of horsemen around to scout out the map. Find a secluded area rich with resources or with scattered resource piles. Resource piles are already collected so your vill only takes a second to grab a handful and deliver back to the drop off point. There are also free vills scattered around the map for your use. If you don't rescue them, they could become zombies to be used against you.

At about 1 hour, regular zombies no longer auto-spawn, but instead necromorphs will spawn. They have higher attack against walls and resistance to seige and arrow fire.Their one weakness is infantry.
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